Monday, February 15, 2010

Travel is great, except for the other people

Okay.  I'm not anti-social...I value my peace and quiet and my privacy, but I don't mind being around other people.  Even when they're far too close, like when we're packed in like sardines in an aerial tramway heading up a mountain.  But some folks just forget or ignore public decorum and irritate others around them.

Such as the really loud guy in the lounge at JFK.  No one had the nerve to tell him to take it down about 60 decibels, even though many of us kept exchanging annoyed glances and eye-rolls.

Then there's the gentlemen who use the toilet on the airplane.  Hey, guys, other people -- female people -- use the restroom, too.  If you miss the target, WIPE IT UP.  I shouldn't have to clean the floor and toilet seat after you're done.

And the Brazilian couple on today's 4 hour tour of Zurich and the surrounding areas.  At least they sequestered themselves at the back of the tour bus, where their amorous activities didn't annoy others.  But guess who was less than 5 inches away from me on the trip up Felsenegg on that aerial tramway?  You got it.  Please try not to make out when your body parts are touching someone other than the one you're making out with.  Thankfully, they were on the other end of the car going back down...but I could still hear them.

Yes, I know we're all travelling.  We all deserve to do what we want to do.  But please, please, PLEASE consider those travelling along with you.  It'll save you some ugly glares and will lower my blood pressure.

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